Interest In Pinterest?

Somehow I am always late to every new social media party (blogger, facebook, twitter, four square...etc) but when I show up I always seem to find myself dancing on the table, drunk, with my top off (metaphorically of course.) In, short, once I take the time to figure out what's involved, set up an account, and try to find all my friends, I become more than obsessed, and my new found love of Pinterest is no exception. How did I not know about this sooner? 

A little known secret about me is that I am completely OCD when it comes to bookmarking things on from the Internet. Under my bookmarks literally have about 50 folders, with no less than 100 links in each. Everything that I think I could every want to see again, goes in there. Everything. Of course, I never clean it out, never look at most of them again, and most of the time can't remember what I liked about them, but that still doesn't stop me from bookmarking like there is no tomorrow. Yes, my name is yum and I am a secret bookmarking hoarder. (Oh, the shame.) I have to think that Pinterest was made by a fellow compulsive bookmarker, because it simply takes the image you want, puts in on a special board with other similar images, AND it provides the link from which it came... all with one single click of a mouse. Holy crap that is genius!!! 

Where was this when I was designing my house, my closet, the new nursery, my maternity wardrobe???? The possibilities are endless!!!!

If you're already on then you totally know what I'm talking about, if not email me and I will send you an invite. Believe me, it's that good. If you want to follow my boards I'm at Robin Anderson, and if you're a member hit up my inbox so I can follow you!!!!!