How To Explain The Capture of THE Terrorist to a Three Year Old.

How do you explain the capture (death) of Bin Laden to a three year old? 
Hint, I have absolutely no idea. 

Earlier this morning:

LM: Mommy, who's that Santa man on the TV?
Me: The man with the beard?

LM: Yeah, the one who's a cooking guy? (in the picture he was wearing a white turban)
Me: He's not a cooking guy, he's a really bad guy that just got caught by the soldiers.

LM: Bad like the Joker? (yes, we have entered our superhero phase)
Me: Even worse. He was the worst guy in the whole world. 

LM: Did he have a shooter?
Me: (not quite sure how far to take this) I don't know if he had a shooter, but he would explode buildings and people got hurt. 

LM: BUILDINGS HERE????? (yeah, that was too far)
Me: No, buildings really, really, really far away. (New York is his favorite place on the planet, I wasn't about to give that one up)

LM: How did the green army guys get him? (I'm pretty sure this is a Toy Story reference)
Me: They probably found him in a cave. I think he was hiding in a cave for a very long time. 

LM: Like a bear? With his Mommy and Daddy? 
Me: Yes, like a bear. I'm not sure if his Mommy was with him, but he had lots of brothers so maybe one of them lived with him. 

LM: I have a brother... I LOVE my brother. 
Me: I know you do. He loves you too. (melt.)

LM: Can I have some waffles????

A few minutes later...

LM: I'm glad that the bad guy got catched. 
Me: Me too bud. Everyone in the whole world is happy that we don't have to worry about that guy anymore...

So, in the end I'm pretty sure the LM thinks that Santa, who is a chef, who is also a bad guy who explodes buildings, was living in a cave with a bear and his brothers, when the green plastic army men came in and captured him and threw him in jail. It may not be right, but either way the end result is no more Bin Laden!

What a great day to be an American!!!!! It was ten years too long, but well worth the wait! To borrow a friend's Facebook post, how would you like to be the soldier who updates his status with "..killed Osama Bin Laden today." 

Job well done!! Thinking of all of you New Yorkers today, and those of you who lost loved ones. I hope that this brings you just a little more peace.