Gray's Nursery!

Without further ado...

Squeeeeeeeeee! It's finally done! The before looked like this, although it's not really fair to refer to it as a true "before" given that it was basically an empty room, but as you can see this is a SERIOUS improvement! I wanted the room to be a bit modern and funky (for me) and bright and kid friendly (for baby) and I think that the room combined these two goals perfectly. The theme was originally based around this lamp, but when it came time I just couldn't see spending that kind of cash on just a light  (although I would happily accept it as a gift, you hear that honey???) and to be honest, I don't think the room is any better or worse without it. My little man was the main designer, helping me pick through jungle animal print, after jungle animal print, and worked with me every step of the way. It's not coincidence that this room is the exact opposite of my first nursery. At the time I wanted a serene place that screamed BABY (think lambs and pastel fabrics, bed in a bag, type thing) and I soon found that my little boy craved color, and, well, by age one, serene is not exactly the word that I would have used to describe him. This time around, I wanted a room that would grow with my boy, and with a quick change of sheets, would meld with my other guy's "big boy room" in case they decide to share a room down the road. The furniture was all from our first nursery, which meant I could spend my time (and money) focusing on the accessories which made it all the more fun.  I LOVE the final product and hope that baby boy will be equally as happy!!!

I really can't believe that this room is finally done, and I realized last night, that this means our whole house is completely done! As in done. As in, no more decorating, no more looking through magazines for inspiration, no more painting!.... done. I have to say I've had a blast doing it myself, and I wish we had a bigger house so I could keep going!

Our living room before & after can be seen here, my little man's room here (although it has since changed and these awful pictures don't do it justice) and my bedroom, here..

It's been a lot of work, but I can finally say that I live in "my dream home!"