Current Obsession: Jill Rosenwald Pottery.

Every since we finished our bedroom makeover, I have been searching far and wide (aka the internet) for some accessories to "funk" up the joint a little bit. I decided that orange would be the perfect accent color, and I threw in a little bit of Ikat (my other new obsession) to complete our space. While I was happy with the end result, I felt as though I was missing one final piece to tie everything together. 


Enter my current obsession, Jill Rosenwald pottery. I had seen some of her pieces on one of my favorite daily reads Elements of Style, but it wasn't until I came face to face with one of her brilliant works, that I really fell in love with her art. The other day I popped into Hudsonto pick up a rug pad of all things, when I almost tripped over the most prefect vase ever created. Not only was the color combo of army green, cream, and orange EXACTLY what we needed in our room, but the chevron stripe was so perfect and modern... well, let's just say I immediately claimed it as mine.

When I got home with my bounty in hand, I had to check out her website to see what her other goods looked like. Just look at these vases... pure perfection.

This bowl makes me so happy.

And these lamps???? I am dying to put one of these beauties in my living room.

Oh, and this monogramed tray may just be the most perfect present ever!

As if her goods weren't cool enough, you can customize everything. (I think I just died and went to decorating heaven.)

I'm not going to lie, this stuff doesn't come cheap, but it really is amazing how such a small piece can make such a BIG impact in any room. I couldn't be happier with my vase, and it really does complement our room perfectly. Yes, Jill Rosenwald vase... you complete me.

Her website, and spring collection can be found here... Love, love, love!