Craptastic or Fabtastic????

I think I have made it pretty clear around here that there is NOTHING that freaks me out more than clutter. Seriously, just the thought of it makes me want to clean out a closet or something. As far as I'm concerned anything that you can buy on QVC or HSN, for me, definitely falls into that category. I mean, if the invention is that amazing/ revolutionary/ necessary...etc than wouldn't it be on every store shelf, in every part of the country? Wouldn't it have been one of Oprah''s favorite things? Wouldn't I have at least heard of it prior to turning on the TV at 1 am? You know I'm right here, hoarders of America.

You do see where this is going... don't you?

So, the other day I was leafing through the new In Style and I came across something that just HAS to be to good to be true. Behold the yonanas. *btw who comes up with these names, I totally want that job????

It's basically a frozen yogurt maker but with one AMAZING twist, it takes frozen fruit, and only fruit, and turns it into a creamy frozen snack, all in under a minute. For this dairy intolerant girl, I have to say I'm intrigued. Very intrigued. I also can't imagine a better way to get kids to eat their necessary servings of fruits and veggies... hello, desert anyone??? The thing seems to be incredibly genius.

The catch is that it's one of those "as seen on TV products" and while I would be willing to shell out the 50 bucks to see if this thing works, I am not willing to have it sit on my counter for the next 10 years collecting dust, if it doesn't.

So, I have to ask, is this thing craptastic or fabtastic? The infomercial can be seen here (words I never thought I would say on this blog ) and if I decide to bite the bullet and try this baby out, I'll definitely let you know the results.

Oh yonanas... you had me at diary free.

Anyone out there seen one of these in real life?