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To Live the Life of India.

I don't know if it's the dreary weather, or the fact that I am at the point in my pregnancy where I am getting too big to comfortably move, but right now I am longing to live a simpler life;  a life like India Hicks. In reality I am zipped up in a winter coats, scarves, and rain boots, but I have to admit that in my head I am barefoot on the beach, watching my two kids run naked through the sand (yes in my fantasy I have already given birth, made it through the sleepless nights, and oh yeah, my kid walks.) No traffic, no trains, no crowded grocery stores. Just a life filled with fruit trees, long days on the beach, and tan tow haired little boys. Sounds heavenly, right?

I remember seeing a spread on the flawless Ms. India in Cookie a few years ago, and those images of her free lifestyle have really stuck with me. For us, a life like this will only happen while on vacation, but on this rainy Tuesday I can dream of days filled with sunshine, barefoot kiddies, and of course that fabulous bohemian wardrobe...

While I am dreaming of paradise (and stealing borrowing someone's life) can I also have this amazing home? Seriously, the girl is living the dream.

Oh, to live the life of India...

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