This Can't Be For Real.

Did anyone else catch the premiere of Pregnant in Heels on Bravo last night? I seriously watched the show with my mouth open wondering if it was for real, it being "reality TV." Without giving anything away, the show follows a high end maternity concierge as she helps some of Manhattan's most privileged parents prepare for their new baby(s). The first episode followed two mommas-to-be and  I'm not sure which family I was more horrified by; the due-any-day parents who wanted nothing to do with a baby, or the family that needed 3 (yes, 3!) focus groups to name their baby. Honestly, each were so ridiculous that it really is a toss up for who takes the "are you for real" crown. That being said, I have to admit that I loved the show! Rosie Pope is so freaking cute, and I can definitely relate to her IVF struggle for baby number two (obviously.) She may now be at the top of my girl crush list, and while the show may be the farthest thing from actual "reality" it was great in a way that only Bravo reality TV can be (I'm talking to you Housewives 1-8, and Top Chef.) I for one am looking forward to finishing out my pregnancy while watching how the other half do it (the other half being the completely insane ones.)

Mazel to you Andy Cohen, you've done it again. (Baby) bottles up!!!

(P.S. could you PLEASE bring back 9 by design.)