There's Nothing Like The Smell of a Royal Wedding In The Morning.

In the days leading up to the "The Wedding of the Century," I, like most people, grew completely tired of all the media coverage. Can you say OVERKILL????? That, of course, did not stop me from waking up this morning, feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning. Wedding, schmedding, I say, who cares about the actual wedding itself? No, for me, my anticipation was all about THE DRESS, which admittedly had my mind racing at a too early hour. After a mad dash to my computer, I was happy to see that Kate did not disappoint. The dress was flawless. The lace perfect, and the designer was clearly the best choice (McQueen and Diana must be having a serious party up in Heaven!) and she looked just as a princess should. Royal.  

While I was all about the princess herself, I couldn't help but notice that she was being upstaged by one serious accessory... THE HATS!!!!!!!!  Did you all see these amazing works of art?

I immediately had three thoughts:
  1. Where can I get my hands on one of those beauties.
  2. How soon can we throw a party that requires everyone to wear hats???? A royal themed sip and see perhaps?
  3. Would this be considered appropriate attire in the delivery room? Really, this there a better way to combat labor hair???
Now I am counting the minutes until school time so I can tear into the DVR. The wedding awaits!!!!!!

(Photo Credits: People)