That's Definitely a Reason To Come Home.

While I can think of very few reasons to leave sunny foggy California, the fact that we are only days away from Target's unveiling of their new Calypso line is definitely is at the top of my list as far as why I must get on the plane. (That and how much we are missing all of our peeps back home.. M and J I'm talking to you!) I'm not sure which preview has me more excited, the clothes or the home? Clothes or home, clothes or home, clothes or home, clothes or home? Oh, wait... it's Target, we can get both!

If there is one brand that just begs for it to be a warm summery day, it's Calypso. May 1st the line is available, and I'm deeming this the day that the warmer weather HAS to make its way to Boston. You hear me mother nature? As of May 1, I want to be sitting on our rooftop deck, covering my bump in a bargain Calypso find(s), sipping lemonade from a embellished turquoise glass, while serving up cupcakes from a fuchsia tray, and tea from an elephant... and I want to be HOT while doing all of the above!

I realize it's unlikely the universe will oblige, but at least a girl can look at these pictures and dream...

One of those poufs must be mine!!! The nursery demands it!

Of course, they have something for those of you with little fashionistas-in-training.

If anything, it's definitely a reason to come home!