Spring Hair.. For Whenever It Decides To Get Here.

I have to admit, that for the past week I have been overly obsessed with warmer weather. I blame the local weathermen for this one. See, about 7 days ago we were promised temperatures that were going to be somewhere near the 80s by the end of the weekend. Yes, 80! Well, It turns out that they were smoking something, because short of a spring(ish) day yesterday, it has been nothing but cold (okay, cool) and soon to be rainy in these parts. Either way, the lack of sun hasn't stopped me from lusting after sundresses, flip flops and, of course, some lazy days at the beach. I think the thing that I love most about warmer weather is how un-done you can be, while still looking good, and believe me, at almost 7 months pregnant I will jump on any trend that allows me to leave the house with as little effort as possible. This is why I am LOVING these hair tutorials that have been created over on A Cup of Joe (one of my favorite daily reads.) Step by step instructions for the perfect Spring and Summer hair... really what could be more effortless than that? Even though it may only be in the 50's today, I'm thinking of trying out the three twisted buns. At this point I'll take anything to remind this girl that soon spring will be on it's way. Click each link for the simple tutorial. 

Three Twisted Buns. 
Braided Top Bun.
Messy Side Ponytail. 
Pure un-done perfection.

P.S. Can someone tell me what it takes to be a weather(person)? Clearly, accuracy is not required for the job, so I'm just wondering what it is exactly that qualifies anyone to constantly be wrong about something that seems pretty based in science. Written by a bitter New Englander, who else?