Coincidence? I Think Not.

After spending Monday morning dreaming of life in the Caribbean like India Hicks, I found myself, in the afternoon, caught in a hurricane like downpour. I looked for shelter and ran into the nearest store which happened to be an H&M. There I was frantic, and dripping from head to toe, when I found myself standing face to face (err dress) with the perfect India inspired maxi dress. I looked around, and there were dozens more as far as the eye could see. Coincidence? I think not. 

After a quick try on I found that EVERYTHING was completely maternity friendly, and with a price tag of around 25$ a piece, I had to exercise some serious restraint (which clearly did not apply to the 5.95$ beetle necklace) to not buy up the entire boho inspired store. 

For all you momma's-to-be (and of course everyone else) you have to check out the goods that are in store now. A perfect Summer wardrobe for under 100 bucks! Yes, please!!!

Next request? Could it please get over 40 degrees so I can break one of these out! Really, in mid April this can't be too much to ask!!!