Your Baby Is...

Anyone who has been pregnant knows that each week of your pregnancy is usually described as a fruit or vegetable. Right now I am supposedly carrying a banana, which I have to say always makes me think twice when I am biting in to my morning piece of fruit! As odd as it is, I find that this really is a great way to relate to what is going on inside your body, which most of the time is a total mystery. This is why I love these photos by photographer Carolee Beckham. She is documenting her pregnancy, in a series taken while holding her corresponding weekly fruit. Poor girl probably doesn't realize that at the end of this she will be holding a watermelon, and, well, there are only two ways for that to come out. :)

Isn't this one of the most unique ideas ever, and how about her fabulous style? Love.

P.S. My apologies for the unexpected absence yesterday, my MIL and I decided to paint the nursery AND my bedroom, and let me tell you, 21 weeks pregnant is definitely the max for spending the day standing on the ladder with a roller in hand. Thankfully, we are finished and both rooms look great. Needless to say I am now retiring my paintbrush for at least the rest of this pregnancy, as well as continuing to curse our 15 foot ceilings. I am so happy it's done and I can't wait to show you all the final results!

Happy weekend everyone!