Little Man and a Baby.

The Little Man has become pretty intrigued by my growing belly. So much so, that the other day he came out of his room looking like this.

Apparently he found an old balloon, and thought he would would help pad the "baby in his belly."

He then proceeded to tell me that:
  1. He is going to have 12 babies (said while holding up 9 fingers.)
  2. He is not going to get married, but if he has to than he is going to marry me (I'm okay with this, but I think that the law would take issue, probably my husband too.)
  3. If any of his babies cry he is going to give them a bottle and then they will stop (how awesome would it be if that were true!)
  4. I'm going to be the one to have all twelve babies in my belly because he doesn't want to get "bigger" (I hear ya kid, but this is the last baby for this belly, I too am all set with getting "bigger.")
  5. Yes, he got those poses from me (his killer dance moves too ;).
This kid seriously cracks me up!