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Currently Loving.

Hello Friends! After a week long hiatus in the country, I can't tell you how great it feels to be back. Our staycation/vacation was 100% successful, and I have to say what I am loving most right now is the fact that my little boy is finally able to not only entertain himself for a decent period of time, but is also just as happy playing with someone OTHER than me. Talk about a change of pace around here!

Along with the joy of a "big boy" I am currently loving the following things. 

The Bachelor. Okay, loving doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this season of The Bachelor. Perhaps, psychotically obsessed would be a better term? Seriously, I have to blame the pregnancy hormones for this one, because I haven't watched a season of The Bachelor/ Bachelorette since Trista and Ryan got married. On a whim I decided to tune into the first episode this season, and now I find myself thinking about the show at least twice a day, at least! (pathetic I realize.) I am so "team Emily" that I almost can't wait to watch poor Chantal get her little heart broken. Oh, and Ashley H? I couldn't stand her from the beginning. I was shocked last week when Brad said he thought she would be in the final two? Really, did I miss something? She was totally closed off and reminded me of the cheerleader from Heroes. In short, me no likely. But Emily? This may be the closest we get to a fairytale ending, and even though the show is completely unrealistic, and staged, I so badly want him to marry her. If he doesn't pick her, can she please be the next Bachlorette? I could never tire of her sweet,  Miss America, Southern girl charm. Emily, will you marry ME

 I am 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Do you know what that means? I am past the 50 yard line! I don't know about you all, but I am a huge "week counter." In school, I used to map out the semester and have a little party when I was more than halfway through. There is something about being closer to the end, than the beginning, that makes anything seem possible. Given that this baby has taken up residence on my Sciatic Nerve, right now I could use any motivation I can get!

 Gwyneth at the Oscars. As if her year wasn't hot enough, she then showed up to the Oscar's in this amazing dress. I don't care about the weird broach, or earrings, this mother of two was rocking it! AND did you see these pictures of her with her kiddies in this teeny weeny bikini? Talk about a ridiculous body! I am putting this on my fridge, so after baby number two is out, I can have something insane to work towards. Now if only I could get Tracy Anderson to live with me. First things, first... have baby!

Speaking of the Oscars. I called it earlier in the night, Anne Hathaway was the best dressed, and I fully stand by that. That Valentino was amazing, and so, so, so Oscar appropriate. Leave it to Rachel Zoe to find a dress that truly was bananas. Too bad Anne didn't just stick to looking pretty on the red carpet. That whole show should be filed under "most awkward" Oscars ever!

 These amazing pictures, shot and styled, by my two best friends. That beautiful model is the photographer's newest baby girl, one of three kiddies, and I can't think of a better muse. I have already taken to begging these lovely ladies to do a shoot with baby Gray, and as a soon to be mother of 2, I can't think of anything that is better to receive than the gift of baby pictures. If you live in the Boston area, you should definitely check out her website, which can be found here. Don't you just die for these amazing shots?

The Eames has arrived! Yesterday, my much awaited Eames chair took up residence in our bedroom, and I am so happy with our decision to order it! I am going to paint the room this week, and as soon as a rug arrives I be posting the after pictures. To say the transformation was amazing is a vast understatement! The best part is that this chair is also incredibly comfortable! This is where my new "office" will be located in case anyone needed to find me!

The escandalo over at High Gloss Magazine. Okay, I'm not loving this so much as I am totally intrigued by why three of the six Editors flew the coop. I was a huge fan of the first issue and am now dying to know what went on behind the scenes. You know something BIG must have transpired. Given that all these ladies have blogs, I can only hope that one of them is unable to keep from spilling the goods... I guess stay tuned?

Ahhhhhhhh, so much to love and it isn't even Spring yet! Looks like the best is yet to come!

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