California Dreaming.

Hello friends! I realize I was a bit MIA from the blog last week, but this time I had good reason. Last week we were busy packing, and traveling, to sunny rainy California (go figure right? the one week we get here they have the storm of the year.) We arrived on Friday, and planned to stay at an amazing hotel in my hometown, where my hubby is attending a conference, but soon learned that the real 5 star hotel is the one where you don't have to sleep in the same room as your 3 year old, and where there is plenty of family to entertain a little guy getting adjusted to the time change. (Don't even get me started on the hours spent chasing the dogs and cats around.) All I can say is that the Four Seasons has nothing on this place!

We haven't let the rain slow us down a bit (we are used to blizzards this time of year, you know) and have spent every morning walking the beach, where my LM decided to do some polar bear, skinny dipping to start the morning. Wetsuit, schmetsuit, he says. We are just waiting for the storm to pass, and will fully take advantage of the beautiful sun for the rest of the week.

For now we are off to the Children's Museum (same day, different zip code) and hope to be laying by the pool later this afternoon. I'll try to be on the blog as much as possible, and I promise to bottle up as much beautiful weather that I can, to bring back to all my fellow east coasters.

Have a great week!