Bedroom: Before & After.

Squeeee! Our bedroom is FINALLY finished, and I am so excited to share the results. I feel like our living room transformation was pretty dramatic, but that had nothing on this room! Before isn't really a fair assessment of the prior space. Rather, "dumping ground for all the furniture that we could collect from our friends as they left town because all we could afford was a new bed when we moved" may be more appropriate. Of, course this leads to a much better "after" so I suppose it all works out in the end (even though I hated that damn furniture.)  I couldn't be happier with the final outcome, and I now find myself standing in the doorway, every time I pass, just to get another look. I am still searching for some accessories, I'm thinking funky and orange, but for now here are some pictures of our new and MUCH improved room.  



The greatest challenge in this room may have been getting that cow hide rug approved by my vegetarian husband. This mum promised to lay off the leather goods, and steaks for a while to even out things in the universe, and in the end we are both pretty psyched with the compromise. 

Now, all that's left is the nursery! Woo hoo!