3rd Generation Surfer.

When you come from a family of avid surfers, you know that there is a good chance that you too will be born saltwater running through your veins. In case there was any concern that our LM was not going to have the bug, that was alleviated last week when my little guy braved the 50 some degree water to try to get up on the board "just like Dad." He worked on his infamous knee boarding for a while, and soon was ready to try to stand up. This would have worked except we forgot to explain the part about staying on the board after you are up. Oops. Here is how it went down. 

Pictured are the three men in my life, Dad, Husband, and LM... 

3 Generations of surfers. 

When he got out with blue lips and teeth chattering all he could say was that "he wanted the water to be warm like Costa Rica." I hear you kid, there is a reason why I was the one holding the camera, not the one in the water.

I think it may be time to invest in a full suit...

P.S. please excuse the bad video, I was a little unprepared for what my kid was about to attempt.