Second Opinion.

Something about our first scan just wasn't sitting right with us. After the anxiety of the last week, my husband figured it would be better if I went in and had a second scan done by someone who we know, who would really take the time to measure every inch of our baby's little body.

Guess what?

The baby is perfectly fine! I am 16 weeks and 6 days, and the baby measured between 17 weeks and 1 day, and 17 weeks in 4 days. All within an ideal range. The longest part of the little guy? His thigh bone! The same thigh bone that measured short. Go figure. Either the bone grew over the last 4 days, or it wasn't measured incorrectly the first time around (I can assure you that yesterday's was done with the most care and detail ever seen on a 17 week old in the history of ultrasounds.)

There still was a little "something" with the heart, but not to the extent we saw last time, which can absolutely happen as these things usually correct themselves. This isn't even a blip on my radar at this point.

Do you all hear that? That's the sound of my exhale being heard around the world. I feel so blessed that our little guy is going to start out his life without an array of health concerns, and if we didn't feel like we were lucky enough before, we sure know we are now.