Quick Update.

Hi Everyone!

Thank you again for all of your well wishes! Right now baby and I are doing fine. I had the amnio this morning, and it definitely wasn't as bad as I anticipated it would be. Our doctor literally wrote the book on this procedure, so I am feeling pretty confident that we shouldn't have any unexpected complications from the test (fingers crossed.) We had a full fetal survey don, along with the amnio, and got (hopefully) some good news. The baby (which is DEFINITELY a boy) has all of it's body parts, the legs measure normal (shorter can be a sign for down's), the neck was small and not filled with fluid (another sure sign), and most importantly we saw a pretty prominent nasal bone (the majority of children with down's syndrome are missing this feature.) Seeing this, and our super active baby, went miles to put my mind at ease.

Yesterday, we met with my OB and got some clarification as to what triggered their concern and the increased risk factor. I guess during the first trimester our nucleal fold measured 2.8. 3.0 is the cutoff for "normal" so the fact that I was on the high side of normal is the main concern. Also, when my blood work came back my HCG was 2.6 and ideally it should be 2.0. Everything else was totally normal including the AFP. These two things, combined, are what put us in the 1:30 category.

The good news is that our doctor ordered a FISH, along with the amnio, and if all goes as planned we should have our preliminary results by Friday, confirmation in 10 days. It's going to be a long three days, but seeing that big nose definitely allows me a lot more peace of mind.

Thank you again for your prayers and thoughts, I'll let you all know the outcome as soon as I hear.