Is That Your Final Answer?

7:15 am I got the call... our amnio results were in and they came back as PERFECTLY NORMAL! Can you say relief? We have a followup ultrasound appointment on Monday, and according to my midwife (yeah, I'm all set with my former doctor) if all goes well than we can consider ourselves to be completely out of the woods. Oh, those words were music to my ears. My Little Man has spent the day running around telling everyone, "the baby's okay!" after he heard me on the phone with Daddy, so I have a feeling I will have a little bit of explaining to do, but really we couldn't be happier.

These past few months have been such a roller coaster of emotions, and really when you think about it, it's been so for the past two + years. I am so looking forward to having this baby, hopefully healthy and at 40 weeks, and then moving on from the child bearing years, into my child rearing years. I can just picture my two little boys playing together in the sand, and I finally feel like we are almost at the finish line... a 22 week finish line, but a finish line none the less. I have to thank you all again for your amazing support, and hopefully from here on out, I will only have good news to share.

In other news, I have to tell you that my Little Man is officially obsessed with dinosaurs. I came to this conclusion when, today at swimming, I changed him out of his dinosaur pajamas, into his dinosaur bathing suit, and then into his dinosaur T shirt, which he insisted on wearing for the 2nd day in a row. When I went to put on his jacket I uncovered some dinosaur toys that he smuggled in his pocket. I'm thinking it's time I brushed up on my natural history because, like my superheros, I can barely tell a stegosaurus from a triceratops.

In addition, today, I booked tickets for our first monster truck rally. Although I have no idea what we are in for, I'm pretty sure things in my kid's world will never be the same after next weekend.  All I can say is that it's a good thing we are having another boy, I'm not sure how a barbie would fare in this household. For that matter, I'm not quite sure how I am going to fare in this household. I need to learn how to speak boy... and fast!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, with lots of sunshine! (Ohhhh wouldn't that be nice!)