A Rant.


12 MORE inches of snow on the way.

This little boy who is dying to play outside.
Oh My God, I cannot believe it is going to snow again! What the hell is up with this winter? Are we all being punished for something? Monday, it was colder here than in the Arctic. Seriously, the Arctic? I can't believe we have 3 more months of this. How are we supposed to survive when it is always snowing. If we have to go to the museum AGAIN I think I might lose my mind. Okay, I give in, I am more than ready to move to the West Coast. Actually, why don't we live in Hawaii now? What were we thinking staying here? What's so great about Boston anyway? If they close school ONE more day, I think I might actually have to break into the building and hold it myself. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make it stop.

In short, mother nature, she's is a dirty whore.