Jenna Lyons Is Messing With Me.

I'm pretty sure that I have adequately conveyed what a hellish winter we are having around these parts. I know the same can be said for New York City, the city where Jenna Lyons (the creative director of J.Crew) lives. I can picture her sitting around in her fabulous brownstone, watching the snow fall, thinking "how can I remind everyone just how amazing spring is, 3! months before it will actually be here." "I know," she said, "I will send out a fabulously styled look book of amazing spring fashion to all of those people who are currently living in black, bulky gear, freezing their asses off." (She is then whisked away by her heated town car to somewhere ridiculously warm, like St. Tropez, with her evil plan in place.)

Cut to me, salivating over these pictures. The cut, the color, the bare legs! These pictures just ooze spring, and the sad thing is I won't be wearing any of these looks until NEXT spring giving my quickly growing figure. Oh well, a girl can still dream of warmer weather, and a day when I again will fit into my skinny jeans. Damn you Jenna, I think you've managed to find a way to make this winter even more dreary. 

I might have to get this skirt, if only to hold up as motivation to get back in shape. Oh, and that white blazer/jumpsuit combo? So, not child proof, but so gorgeous. 

Pink, on pink, on pink? It's sounds so wrong, but looks so right. Same goes for you, fabulous orange. 

Who knew yellow leather shorts could look so good? Oh yeah, Jenna did. I'm loving this olive combo as well. This is a look that is definitely "park friendly."

If I were 20 again, these two looks would be my go to. That turquoise jumper is to die for!

That striped shirt + the red lips are MINE, even if I have to get an XL to cover the bump, they're MINE. The nude shirt and pants reminds me of how I wish you could dress in an office, yes an office on Ally McBeal, but an office none the less. 

Note to self, when the Summer catalog comes throw it directly in the recycling. I repeat directly in the recycling. No girl up 30-40lbs needs to see that...