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It's a... ?


It's that time my friends!

Tomorrow is the big day we should, depending on leg spreadage, find out if we are having a he or a she! (Yeah, I won't be sleeping much tonight.) I still 90% think I'm having a girl, but as my husband reminded me tonight, I was 100% sure the last time that our baby was a female, and boy oh boy was I wrong. I'm also happy to report that tonight I felt the baby moving about for the first time. Man, things are really happening this week in my belly!

I'm sure you all have a "feeling" one way or another (I always think EVERYONE is having a boy) so I thought it would be fun to hear what your guesses are. If you leave your choice gender in the comments section, with a link to you favorite charity, the little bean will donate $50.00 to the winning gender, chosen at random. So guess away! (only once please :))

I must admit that I was leaning towards wanting another boy, but after a week of talking about nothing other than "poop," "burps," and finding out today that the LM told everyone at school that his daddy has a "giant penis" (no comment,) I'm thinking that maybe a girl would be nice, balance things out a bit. I grew up in a house of 4 sisters, so I'm wondering if I might be out of my league with another boy.

I know everyone says it, but all I'm looking for is 10 fingers, and 10 toes... anything else is gravy!

I'll report back tomorrow night with the answer (hopefully!)

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