It's Basically An Extra Womb For Six Months.

Since this is our second baby I had pretty much convinced myself that we wouldn't really need anything new for baby #2 other than some new nursery bedding (we didn't live in our current home when the LM was born, and since it was a rental we didn't really decorate) and possibly some new clothes if our baby decides that it (ahem she) wants to wear pink. Other than that I figured that we were all set.

Yeah, then I began to look around.

While we still don't need a whole lot, I am a bit shocked and amazed at how much has changed in four short years. I thought we were pretty "gear advanced" with the LM, but  compared to what is out there now, it looks like we were living in the stone ages. Seriously. While I mentally shopped for months, until now, I have hesitated getting anything for this baby, because, as I've said before, I didn't want to jinx anything. Well, today I broke my baby buying seal and picked up the first thing for the Little Bean. I never thought I'd say it but today I purchased a piece of cotton that I am pretty sure is going to change my life.

 Yes, I bought a sling.

I have to say with the Little Man I was very much a Baby Bjorn lover. I thought the Bjorn was the be all, end all, and at the time it was. That of course was a different time. A time when I only had one baby. A time when it didn't matter if I had to stop and take off everything to breast feed the baby. A time when I was so obsessed with my stroller, that I literally took it everywhere. A time when I only had one child to worry about, and whether or not he was killing my back while sleeping in some cockeyed, hanging off me position, it didn't really matter, because the truth was I didn't know any different. Well, that was then, and this is now, and I am the first to acknowledge that these times, they are a changing.

I realized this the other day when my Little Man and I were doing our 10th bathroom run for the morning (yes, he is potty trained, and YES that is absolutely a post in and of itself.) I was kneeling on the floor, crouched over him, picturing myself wearing the bjorn with the head of an infant hanging out hovering over the toilet, and let me tell you this would not be a pretty picture. So I decided that I would start looking into the sling option. I fell in LOVE with this sling, but let's be honest, it's pretty as can be, but is about as practical as wearing stilettos in the park. The poor woman in the picture already looks like her back is breaking, and all I can think that if she leans over to tie her little one's shoe, that baby is going to topple right out. I asked a few friends what they recommend, and per their advice, I decided that the next time I was at the "toy" store with the LM I would try on the Moby Wrap. Today, I ventured over to the newborn section and was soon surrounded by the "sling expert." She said the Moby is great, but when she unwrapped it all I could think was "holy fabric." Seriously, the thing was the size of a two person tent. Just as I was unwrapping myself from the yards and yards or fabric, a fellow Mom came up and asked if she could butt in, and since other mom advice is the best there is I was happy for the interruption. She was a mom of two and purchased the Baby K'tan carrier for the same reason as I was. She had an active 3 year old, and when her second was born she realized that the baby needed to be tight to her body, and she needed to be in something that was breast feeding compatible, as well as chasing after a toddler around the park, compatible. She said that after trying out about a dozen carriers, this one was absolutely the best. It is the same idea/concept as the Moby, but most of the tying is done for you so it is much, MUCH, smaller. When she described it as "an extra womb for 6 months" I knew I had found my match.

Here is my new life saver.

Thank goodness for mom's who "butt" in!

As an aside, I also have to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS, to one of my best friends, and the most amazing momma I know, J, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning. I am counting the minutes until I can go and visit them in the hospital tomorrow. Do you think it would be weird if I brought the sling, you know, just to "try" it out? Yeah, I'm thinking that is probably not okay... ;)

Love ya J and baby O!