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It Was Only a Matter Of Time.

Remember when I said that I was afraid to but baby things because I was worried that I might jinx myself? Yeah, well, we can consider those days long, long, LONG gone. Sure, I didn't need a whole lot given that we had most of the basics still left over from my little man, but through my years of scouring the Internet I have found that there are a few things that makes moving around with two kids (I still get chills saying that!) a lot easier. Add in a couple of things that either weren't invented yet, or on my radar, that I have been dying to get, and an Isis gift card, that I received from doing some work for them as part of their fellows program, burning a hole in my wallet... well, it was only a matter of time before my need to nest kicked in. Cut to me now with a playroom/soon to be nursery/ storage room full of some great new baby goods. Anyone who said it wasn't quite as much fun the second time around... yeah, they lied, because I find myself constantly drifting into that room to survey my booty, in the same way that I would after a great day of shopping in NYC! Yep, it's that much fun!

My fist, and most necessary purchase, was the wheel board attachment for the Bugaboo. Given that my little man will be almost 4 when this baby arrives, I can safely say that we won't need a double stroller. That being said he walks...as...slow...as....mud... and I am NOT about to carry him every time we need to get somewhere, so this is the perfect way for me to get around the city with my two kiddies. My friends all have this for their second, and my little man has been wanting a "skateboard" of his own for a long time. He got so excited when we picked it up that I just might let him put it on even before the baby arrives. Hey, whatever gets us from point A to point B in the FASTEST amount of time, definitely works for me! (Bugaboo Wheeled Board)

This next item I wouldn't classify as "necessary" but I have to say I have wanted one of these ever since I spotted it at a play date at a neighbors house a few years back. At the time we already had a high chair for the LM (one that I would HAPPILY give away or sell) and I knew that when we had another baby, this was going to be our feeding motus operandi. This little canvas chair can clip on to anything and everything. I plan on using it while I dinner cook at the counter, while we all eat at the table, and I love that we can clip the baby (toddler) right next to us. As he/she gets bigger they can color while in it, and play with toys and cheerios while I (hopefully) can get some things done nearby. I would do almost anything to get rid of the big plastic chair, and am hoping that this will do the trick. (Phil and Ted Lobster)

I saw this on a blog a few years ago, and had been meaning to pick it up. Baby number 2 became the perfect reason. This cheap little piece of plastic seems like a great solution to the problem that we always run into which is how to get my little man to hold my hand, while crossing safely, when he doesn't want to ride in his stroller, which inevitably I am left pushing. My guy is really good about following directions, and loves to hold/hang onto things. I'm hoping that this will be a great way to get him to stay close, while also giving him some independence. (tag *a* long)

This next thing is something that I should have bought a LONG time ago, but truth be told I didn't know that these existed. They are locks for your stroller, which really is a genius idea considering that most strollers are upwards of 400 dollars. These cute little locks clip onto the stroller and have a long cable that can go around any pole or fence. Normally I just drag my LM and the stroller into every place we go (including those places downtown that have more than a few steps,) and we all know that isn't going to happen with two kids. I'm really not sure why I didn't look for one of these earlier. My LM picked out the monkey. (Buggy Guard)

These next two items I haven't bought yet, but I'm thinking of ordering them in the next few weeks. Both are things that I planned on getting before the LM was born, and both are things my husband vetoed as "unnecessary." Well, we soon learned that he was wrong, and for the past few years I have been kicking myself for not listening to all the mom's out there. The first is a digital picture monitor. Right now we have one of those 10 dollar, sound only, monitors (our third) that works okay now that the LM is 3, but for the past few years I have said weekly, I wish I had a picture. When he was a baby it would have been extremely useful to see whether he was cooing or crying, as he was growing it would have been great to know if he was sleeping, even now sometimes I would love to know what he is actually doing in his room. In short, I'm not making the same mistake again. Right now I am leaning towards the Mobi, but would love to hear from you all if you have a favorite, and of course that goes for all of these goodies! (Mobi Monitor.)

The final item falls under the same category as above. The "don't listen to a man who has never had a baby" category. All my friends had said that we should get a little tub for the sink, so for the first six months you can bathe the baby while standing up. We didn't listen and nearly broke our backs trying to hold the baby in the tub that was WAY too big. It was absolutely a two person job, and since it's highly unlikely that we are going to have two people for the one baby, I am absolutely getting one of these so I can bathe my baby in the kitchen, while Dad and the LM play in the tub. I love this one made of flexible material, that grows as the baby grows. (PUJ Tub.)

Whew, I think that's it. I would love to hear from you all, is there anything that you just can't live without, or something that made your life easier as you added more children? For all you momma's to be out there, I hope this helps as well! Man, nesting is no joke...

*Note: I purchased all of these items at Isis located in the Prudential Center, which for those of you expecting is a great place for getting all your baby gear. The best part is that they know pretty much everything, about anything, and can really be a great resource for new moms, and even those who are on #2, #3, #4.....

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