Snowed In.

As it turned out we didn't have a "White Christmas" but boy oh boy did we have a "White Boxing Day." To say it snowed up here would be quite the understatement, and I must say my little guy and I quite enjoyed watching the snow fall for some 24 hours straight. Sure it was a blizzard, but that didn't stop my boys from heading out and getting in some late night/ early morning sledding.

Here is a look at the aftermath outside our window.

And this is what it takes to go outside and brave the elements (a big thank you to my hubby for not making me join in during this little outing!)

I hope all of you are staying warm out there, and for those of you traveling, and stuck, may the force be with you. Today is blue sky so hopefully some of those planes will be able to start making some progress getting you all back home, where yo belong.

I know I'm always the first to say "let it snow," but for now I have to say... "let it melt, and fast!"