Holiday Gift Guide 2010.

Finally gifts for those little boys and girls... my absolute favorite to shop for!

1. Mini Kick Scooter. This is 100000% my Little Man's favorite thing. We take this baby everywhere, including the mall, the park, the grocery. You name it. It makes almost any outing fun, and it is lightweight enough that you can easily stash it anywhere. $79.99.
2. Kids' New Balance KE420 sneakers. My Little Man was big enough this year to pick his own sneakers. He found these and it was love at first sight. For me, the easy open/close velcro is awesome and the heavy tread has prevented more than a few wipeouts. $47.00.
3. Complete Medical Kit. My guy has been begging for this kit for months, and I'm pretty sure Santa is going to come through with this one. He seems to love the idea that he can give shots and check blood pressure. I am a fan of the fact that it fits in one "small" case. $15.83.
4. Everything but the Dalmatian Firehouse Collection. A friend of mine is getting this for her little guy and I just love it. It's the perfect boy dollhouse alternative, and I just love that it is made from high quality wood rather than plastic. $154 (full set.) 
5. A Very, Very, Very Fine Dollhouse. The companion to the boy's firehouse, this sweet little dollhouse gives barbie's a run for her money! The coolest part is that the families come in different ethnicities. $99- $199. 
6. I Can Do That Games Curious George - Discovery Beach. My Little Man got this for his birthday and he just can't get enough of this game. We play it EVERYDAY for at least an hour. Yeah, this one is a must have! $19.32.
7. I Stink Book. This is the number one book in my kid's school. The teachers said the boys just can't get enough of it. It is a series that also includes I'm Dirty, and I'm Mighty. LM approved. $6.99.
8. Patent Tortoise Ballet Flats. I have to preface this one by saying I would never spend $108 dollars on a pair of shoes for a little girl. That being said these are adorable, and knowing J.Crew right after the holidays you just know these are going to be dramatically reduced. Perhaps an IOU would work for this one? :). $108.