Holiday Gift Guide 2010.

Here are my picks for the man who deserves everything for all he does all year long!

1. Amazon Kindle. Hands down this is my Husband and my favorite possession. The new kindle is lighter, faster, and less than half the price... and no, I don't miss reading the real thing at all! $139.
2. Patagonia Men's Classic Retro-X Jacket. Is there anything better than a cozy fleece in the winter? This one is perfect for everyday wear. $199.
3. iPod Nano. My husband is the king of losing iPods. I honestly don't know what on earth he does with them. This year he has managed to "misplace" not only his, but mine as well. I'm giving him one more chance and picked up another one. I couldn't believe how much they have changed in the past few years. The size of a matchbox this baby holds 4,000 songs. With a clip on the back the apple genius assured me that this one is harder to lose. We will see. $149.
4. Khunu Men's sweater. A friend of mine turned me on to this awesome company over the Summer. These amazing sweaters are made from Yak wool from the heart of the Himalayas, and they are perfect for wearing on the slopes as well as in the lodge. My favorite is the Khampa. $240.
5. Patagonia Windproof Gloves. These are my husbands absolute favorite gloves. Windproof, warm, and  easy to maneuver in. $59.
6. Lucky Classic Straight Leg Jeans. I had to add these to the list given that we have spent the past few years looking for the perfect jean for my hubby. At 6'4" he has found it almost impossible to find a jean that is long enough, and finally a company has responded and made some awesome styles in a 36 1/2" length. These jeans are classic, not embellished, and they come in almost a dozen washes and cuts. It's about time! $99.

Finally tomorrow, gifts for the Little Men (and Women) in your life!