Stylish Bumps.

Since I am going to try my hardest to envision myself with a big 40 week belly, is it wrong that I would like to picture my bump looking as stylish as any of these? These women make mother hood look damn GOOD!

P.S. We just go my updated numbers back and rather than doubling they actually tripled to over 1000. The Dr. said this is a great sign and now all we have to do is sit tight and wait until the 22nd for our 6 week appointment. Getting that call was a HUGE relief and just what I needed before, what will now be, a very relaxing weekend. Of course, I wish you all the same!

P.P.S. We had our parent/teacher conference today (another thing I was DREADING) and we only received rave reviews about our little man. They still think an OT eval isn't a bad idea, but they have seen an amazing increase in his attentiveness and listening, and they have no real concerns about his development. Go figure?

I guess some times it really does rain good news... a girl could get used to this!