Stuff That Serves No Purpose.

I've mentioned here before that my husband and I love nothing more than a good brawl over home furnishings, and after reading this article I was happy to see that we weren't alone. Luckily for us, no therapy was needed, (whew) we are now in the final stages of the ordering process, and soon I am hoping our home will look just like that, a home. 

The one point of contention that still remains is what I like to refer to as the "chach," you know, the accessories. While I have no problem spending good money on a quality piece of furniture, the last thing that I want to do is waste it on 1) anything my little man can break, 2) anything that only goes with "this" home, and 3) anything that I could get tired of in the next two years. This my husband agrees on. What he doesn't ahem didn't agree on was why we needed it at all.  Basically we were are at a standstill. While I may refer to it as "necessity," he loving refers to it as "S*%$ that serves no purpose." Sticks, vases, decorative bowls, shells... you name it, he vetoes/ed it. 

Well, this week I decided to take advantage of the fact that my MIL was here. She has an awesome eye for decorating, and amazingly whatever she usually approves of, her adoring son magically does as well (as any good boy should.) We hit up West Elm and I was amazed at all the "stuff that serves no purpose" that I was able to get for some incredibly reasonable prices. Once all the furniture arrives I can post the true after pictures but for now here is my bounty of "chach" that I got on a accessory friendly budget, that even the husband couldn't complain about. 

(Between you and me I think he actually likes all of it, shhhhhhhh.)

I had never been in a West Elm before, and I was happily surprised with the quality of their goods (Ikea this is not.) I definitely got some great ideas for our home, and even some for the hopefully soon to be nursery.

I believe this now makes the tally Yummy Mummy 6, Hubs 2... but really who's keeping score ;).