So I Had This Idea....

2 week wait = FAIL.

So I swore up and down that under no circumstances was I to take any at home pregnancy tests before getting my real, doctor sanctioned,  test on Tuesday.

Um, yeah... so that lasted exactly 8 days.

See you are not supposed to take HPT (home pregnancy tests) because you can get a false positive from the "trigger" shot that is given the day before your retrieval. Well, last time I didn't listen (because I am a rebel) and I got all negatives. This time around I thought I could trick the system and take the test early enough that I would get a negative (confirming that the trigger was out of my system) so then if I took a test over the weekend and it came back positive, then I would know it was a true positive.

Evil genius right?


The damn thing popped up with a positive, which normally would be AWESOME, except we have no way of knowing if it is from the trigger or from a baby. Crap. I guess now I'll just have to be a good girl and wait until Tuesday. Humph.

Even though it means absolutely nothing, can I tell you how amazing it was to look at an actual positive pregnancy test after 26 months of negatives? I think that if this round doesn't work out for us I am going to have my pregnant bestie pee on a stick each month for me just so I can see those magical words again.

Oh, it's going to be a long 4 days...