Race To Nowhere.

Lately, I have talked a bit about some of the issues that my Little Man and I have been having in school, and some of the best feedback that has come from all of you is to remember that my kid is only 3! (that and to take a deep breath.) As a parent I want the best education for my child, but I am often reminded, by myself and those around me, that our children are just that, children, and it is important that we as parents begin to stand up and advocate for what is best for them, which I am beginning to learn is not what is not necessarily always in line with system is asking from them.To that end, I am so excited to share the following with you.

The Kingsley Montessori School, which has an ongoing speaker series open to the public, on November 10th,* is hosting a special screening of the critically acclaimed new film entitled Race to Nowhere, a documentary about the high-pressure culture that has invaded America’s school system and today’s students - creating unhealthy, disengaged, unprepared, and stressed-out youth.  I, myself, have been so eager to see this film since seeing the rave reviews in the press, and happily will be attending as a guest my girlfriend.

Race to Nowhere features the heartbreaking stories of young people who have been pushed to the brink and educators who are burned out and worried that students are not developing the skills they need. It shows what is actually happening to kids as a result of current policies and practices obsessed with testing, performance, and competition rather than meaningful teaching and learning.

The film’s producer and co-director Vicki Abeles notes, “As a mother, I experienced the stress firsthand and realized that no one was talking about it.  I saw kids who were anxious, depressed, physically ill, checking out, abusing drugs and, worst case, attempting suicide.  I felt compelled to speak out about this crisis by making a film and giving voice to the students, teachers, and parents.  I wanted to expose a deeper truth about our education system.  We are graduating a generation of robo-students, unable to think and work independently, creatively and collaboratively.”

The trailer (which brought tears to my eyes) can be seen here:


Heartbreaking right? I hope you are able to see this movie, either when it comes to a town near you, or when it is released on video. Already I feeling empowered to be more of a "voice" for my child, and I am eager to learn from the kids and parents featured in this documentary. Our kids aren't going to get a second chance to have a childhood, and I hope that we are able to make the most of the only one they have....

For more information please visit www.racetonowhere.com.

*This event is sold out. To get information about future events please visit www.kingsley.org

Kingsley Montessori School, located in the heart of Boston, serves students between the ages of two and Grade Six. Kingsley Montessori’s approach to teaching and learning is focused on each child’s individual potential, talents, and level of development – helping children learn in the best way for them.  For more information about Kingsley and their Community Speaker Series program, visit www.kingsley.org.