You Know Me Too Well.

Earlier today:
"I think I found a new way home," I said basically to myself, not realizing a set of ears was listening from the back.
"You're just going to get lost again," chirped a squeaky little voice from the car seat.
......... and I did. 
Oh Little Man, you know me too well.

Note to self: Ask Santa for a GPS.

PS: Thank you all for your awesome comments and suggestions. You have given me some great ideas (I love the ping pong balls in the fishbowl) and this morning I ordered some new stickers for the star chart. I also love the idea that some things are not rewards per se, but that they are things that naturally follow good behavior, i.e. the desert after dinner. Luckily, we had a great day at school yesterday, so hopefully soon they will be able to see the sweet little boy that I get the other 21 hours a day. If not, you have empowered me to take him on... he's only three right?I can totally do this (said while cowering in the corner.)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if all the moms parents banded together I'm pretty sure we could change the world! You guys are awesome co-parents, thank you again!