Reporting For Duty.

I have to admit, ever since I saw the Balmain military jacket (pictured on the left) I have been slightly obsessed. If ever there was a statement jacket that would really "make a statement," this is that jacket. Let's be honest though, at a ridiculous 11,000$, the jacket is just too much, and not only in a monetary way. I mean can you imagine me walking down the street to pick the little man up from school wearing that get up, even of you were crazy enough to pay the insanely high price tag (and you would have to be KRAZY to pay that?) Yeah, I don't think so. Yes, this is just another piece best suited for the celebrities. Well, just because I can't pull it off (in more ways than one) doesn't mean I have stopped dreaming about this piece, which is why I was so excited when I saw that J.Crew had managed to come up with a fairly decent Balmain(ish) inspired knockoff. At a fraction (move the decimal point about 4 spots) of the price this piece is not only MUCH more affordable, but also much more wearable.

(Almost) all the flash for not a lot of cash!

Right now you can get all women's clothes for 20% off, which even more of a reason to covet this look.

Yummy Mummy, reporting for duty!