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Pregnant!... for at least two weeks.

Thanks to my new best friend Gatorade, amazingly I was able to make a full turnaround yesterday, and today I was able to have my little bean (the LB) transferred. Everything went great and the embryo that we chose was as perfect as it gets (8 cells, A quality for those in the know.) Since I am a chronic over sharer, of course I was able to get a few shots to share with you.

Here is the LB in his/her first "baby" photo.

And here is proof that for the next 12 days I am pregnant! (technically) 
The little white spot in the center is the embryo in the uterus.

So now we just cross our fingers and wait. Our blood test is November 9th, and I only have to stay off my feet until Sunday, so things really couldn't be better. Thank goodness for small miracles.

Come on little bean, burrow, burrow, burrow!

Happy Halloween!

Don't Be Disappointed.