Pregnant!... for at least two weeks.

Thanks to my new best friend Gatorade, amazingly I was able to make a full turnaround yesterday, and today I was able to have my little bean (the LB) transferred. Everything went great and the embryo that we chose was as perfect as it gets (8 cells, A quality for those in the know.) Since I am a chronic over sharer, of course I was able to get a few shots to share with you.

Here is the LB in his/her first "baby" photo.

And here is proof that for the next 12 days I am pregnant! (technically) 
The little white spot in the center is the embryo in the uterus.

So now we just cross our fingers and wait. Our blood test is November 9th, and I only have to stay off my feet until Sunday, so things really couldn't be better. Thank goodness for small miracles.

Come on little bean, burrow, burrow, burrow!