Is This What I Have To Look Forward To?

Last night I was at the park with the Little Man and a 5 year old girl from our neighborhood. The kids were having a blast, so when her mother asked if I wanted to stay out awhile longer with the kids while she went and made dinner. I, of course, obliged, and within seconds of her mother leaving she said the following (in a way that only 5 year old girls can,)

"Did you know that my mom is sooooo much older than my dad?"
"Really," I said, "I didn't know that."
"Yeah.... like a lot older."
"Oh, I doubt that how old is she?" I carefully asked.
"Hmmmmm, she thought for a while, I'm not really sure and but my dad is like your age, and she is older than that."
"How old do you think I am?"
"Like at least 20," she ever so sweetly stated.
"You would be wrong," I said, I am over THIRTY... that's pretty old."
She thought again, "well, my mom has lots of grey hair and colors it up all the time... so she is REALLY old."

Then a few minutes later while discussing with the LM how he would be a bigger boy if he went in the potty like her rather than in his diapers,

"I am really jealous of boys?"
"Why's that?" I inquired.
"Because they can pee standing up."
"To be honest," I told her, "I too am a bit jealous of that."
"My brother, " she said while getting really excited, "he pees while he holds his penis."
"Yes, that's how most boys do it," I said.
"I've seen it she yelled, "and it's really small."
Again speechless.

Seriously, is this what we have to look forward to in a few years, this no holds barred, blatantly honest oversharing? Will every detail of our private life be open every mother on the playground????

Please,  please, please..... say it isn't so*.

*Said by the mother who shares all of our intimate details on the internet... hmmmmm, here's to hoping payback isn't too much of a bitch.

Happy weekend my friends.