Friday Blah.


That's pretty much the only way to describe my mood today. This week will definitely go down in the suck category for me. I wish I could blame it all on the hormones (which are about 50% of the problem) but other parts of my life have been equally annoying. It started Monday with a moth infestation in my kitchen, coupled with a kid with a fever. Tuesday brought on more injections, more doctor appointments, and more of the same on Wednesday. The LM had a rough week again at school, and after a meeting with the director yesterday we have been advised to take him to an occupational therapist to have a look at his impulsivity and physicality. Ugh, there is nothing worse than hearing that your kid may or may not have a problem. After feeling like the mother failure of the year, I had an awkward encounter with an old friend last night which luckily did not deter a great reunion with some of my old peeps which was long overdue. Today, I am feeling the effects of a great night, but definitely regretting that last glass (ahem five glasses) of Malbec that somehow made their way into my bottomless glass. Today, I also got some so so news on the IVF front. We still have quite a few, about 7/8, but they are still pretty small and taking their sweet time growing. Retrieval now looks like it is Monday or Tuesday, and if these babies don't get in gear we may only have a few viable eggs. This is great for the hyperstimulation, but not so great considering we want as many as possible to freeze in case this cycle doesn't work out. More waiting, and watching, which means more injections and trips to the doctor. 

Did I say blah?

Well, at least the weekend is here and it's bound to be better. My mother-in-law is arriving at the airport any minute, the The Head of the Charles is here (my favorite Cambridge event), and tomorrow I am going to attempt to play matchmaker for some very dear friends of mine. 

As I was trying to figure out what to write today I stumbled upon this picture. Since I pretty much feel like an evil bitch on the inside, can't I just look like this evil bitch on the outside. No? Oh well, a girl can dream.


1) This picture totally makes me want to have short hair again, 2) if I had that Birkin it would totally be strapped into the LM's baby seat, 3) those legs + that skirt + the shoes = perfection, 4) there is no way in hell she is riding that bike wearing that.

Hope you all had a better week than I did... at least it's about to be over!