You Can't Pick Your Nose, But You Can Pick Your Apples.

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful weekend! We were lucky enough to be blessed with out-of-town guests, as my best friend from law school and her three year old little boy came to visit the same my hubby was leaving for four long days (perfect timing right?) Together we celebrated the first few days of Fall by continuing our annual tradition of picking apples at our favorite local farm, and even though the weather outside felt more like mid-Summer, we were not complaining as the sun was shining and unlike my last few trips, no jackets were required.

We went to Lookout Farm, which is about 30 minutes from the City, for our apple picking adventure. I use the term "picking apples" loosely because, just like last year, we were having so much fun that we never got around to actually picking any apples. (Unless, of course, you consider my stop at the farm store where I "picked" up apples, apple picking? Yeah, I didn't think so.) Okay, so I'm a bad New Englander, but with all the activities that they have for kids, there was no way I was going to get my little man go and forage for fruit. 

What kind of activities you ask?

Well, first there was a petting zoo, where my little man and a donkey got into a stand off. I can assure you at this close of range the donkey was the one who blinked first.

There was a moon bounce (aka the death trap, think 10 toddlers in one cage.)

There were plenty of places for photo ops. My little guy couldn't decide if he preferred the tree or buffalo. I'm partial to the tree myself, that apple looks good enough to eat!

We drove the caterpillar multiple times. My guy took advantage of the lack of lines and marked his place up in the front for the majority of the morning.


Yes, that is a Camel, and yes, we were on it. No, it was nothing like when the girls in SATC 2 rode through the desert in Couture. Yes, it was still kind of fun despite my dislike of large animals.

We took the obligatory hay ride, which was my little man's favorite part given that he could sit behind a moving tractor for 20 minutes. I'm pretty sure he's a country boy at heart. 

But mostly we played on the "park" that was on the farm. You can take the kid out of the park, but never the park out of the kid. I'm telling you this guy would live there if he could.


Lastly there was a maze which isn't all that big, but somehow we kept getting stuck on opposite sides. I think it may have something to do with the hyper (active) hyper drive that this kid has.

While we were there I was recognized by one of you dear readers who sent me the funniest email this morning. Lately this has been happening more often, and I never know quite what to say when someone thinks they know me but can't place from where. I guess I better work on my response, it still makes me nervous to say, "do you read..." because could you imagine if they didn't? 

As you can see we had a great time apple picking... err playing at the farm. 

If you live in the area and have young kids, this place is a must see!