Yet Another Blonde Moment.

The highlight of my wedding, for me, was when some close family friends pulled out a few bottles of wine that were from both my husband and my birth years. Everyone on our respective "teams" got to toast with the wine that symbolized each of us, and the giver told a wonderful story about how each reflected our very different personalities. It was pretty much the only part of our Hawaiian destination wedding that I didn't plan, and that moment is still so special to me, that it is the one thing that I would like recreate at my child(ren)s wedding.

Since I knew that I wanted to get wine from the LM's birth year, I figured I was some sort of genius to do it now, when the wine from 2007 is not only cheaper but easier to find. I can only imagine the expense and challenge it must have been to find wine from 1975, and 79, as was done for our wedding, so I figured I would just get a few cases now and store them until the little man either gets married, or has some other toast worthy accomplishment.

Which leads me to yet another blonde moment. (Do offense to my fair haired sisters out there.)

Yesterday, after doing a little research I went to a well known wine store and talked to the owner about ordering a few cases.

"What type of cellar do you have to keep these in?" He asked.
"Cellar?" I replied.
"Yeah, a cellar, a place to store wine... I'm sure you've heard of such a thing as a wine cellar."
Now totally embarrassed, I told the man the story of my wedding and what I was trying to accomplish here.
"That's sweet and all," he remarked, "but you are still going to need a cellar."
Cue my exit.
Honestly, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. Obviously you need a cellar. I completely and totally know that if wine is not stored right it will turn into vinegar. I intellectually know this fact, yet that didn't keep me from walking into the store and making a total fool of myself.

All I could think is that this wasn't even half as bad as the ceiling fan incident of 2008. Why, oh why, must these things always happen in front of other people?

As an aside while I was looking for pictures of the toast, I stumbled upon my second favorite memory from that day, doing the hula with my wedding party. Hard to believe it's been almost 7 years...

Wish I could say I was a little less "blonde" than I was then.... but alas, not much has changed.