Why Am I Surprised ... He Is My Husband.

If there is one thing that everyone remembers after they meet my husband, it's that he is incredibly concerned about the environment (aka he's very VERY Green.) So concerned in fact that we/he never eat take out, would never buy anything that is packaged in plastic, and above all else he recycles, recycles, recycles. I know and love this about him, which is why I shouldn't have been surprised when I stopped by his office this afternoon. I went with the intention of figuring out what he needed to spruce up the place, and I left needing more than a few trash bags.


Because for the last two years the man has started this collection in his tiny office.

Yes, those are coke cans and yes, they were everywhere! Like, everywhere. They were in every cabinet, every drawer, they even lined the desk and I'm pretty sure the floor.

Apparently this little collection started not because he loves the way the can looks, rather it was because the hospital doesn't have recycling. (Go figure, right?)I'm not quite sure how big the mess would have gotten but it's a safe bet that it would have stayed that way until the kid retired. I've seen Hoarders one too many times, so I know how this story ends, which means I will be back next week in my Hazmat suit to try to make order of the place.

Really, why am I surprised.... he is my husband. I mean it takes one to know one!