Who Do You Think You Are, Superman?

Every Fall/ Winter I add exactly two new sweaters to my wardrobe. I try to invest in quality pieces that will hold up from year to year, so two is just the right amount to spiff up my wardrobe during those long, cold months. I don't usually stick to one trend when making my purchases (in fact I try to focus more on timeless pieces given that I will be wearing them year after year,) but I guess this season I bought on trend and only realized it when after seeing me for two days in a row, my husband asked, "who do you think you are, Superman?" "Why, because of my awesome super powers, I replied?" "Um, no... because for the past two days you have left the house looking like you are wearing a cape... well, that or a garbage bag." 

Yes, it looks like I fell victim to one of Fall's hottest trends, the Cape Sweater, and no, they look nothing like a garbage bag. (Eye roll to the fashion challenged husband.)

Seriously, what is there not to love about a cape sweater? It's roomy, easy, perfect for pre- and post pregnancy, and I can wear it with my skinny jeans all winter long, and the best part is no one will ever be able to see the extra plate of pasta that I just couldn't turn down.

Since their arrival, I've been pairing these babies with flats, motorcycle boots, moccasins (to which my husband asked, who do you think you are Pocahontas,) really this look goes with anything and everything. You can even wear them with tights and a skirt. That is what you call a multi-functional piece!

I may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but at least I'll look good (and be warm) while being the superhero of this family.

The top sweater is from Theory, and the bottom from Dress, made my Cynthia Vincent.