First Day of School and I'm Holding My Breath.

Today marks the first day of a new school year for my Little Man.

He woke up this morning beaming with excitement and after patiently waiting until 1pm he practically skipped all the way to school.

Of course, he had to first pose for the obligatory "first day" picture for the scrapbook.

But soon he was off to tackle his archnemesis from last year, the red slide. To go on it you had to be 2.9 years of age and my boy just barely missed the cutoff last time around.

Feeling pretty grown up, he made his way inside.

At first he wasn't so sure about going into the classroom.

However, after a few minutes with his buddies, he was feeling right at home. 
As one of the mothers put it, "they are like wolves, they travel in packs." 

He barely noticed when I left the room, and this will definitely go down as another super successful transition for my growing boy.

I realize that I should be sitting here feeling over the moon about the fact that my little guy will now be happily occupied 3 hours a day, 5 days a week (we set this up obviously thinking I would be home with baby number 2) but I have to admit that a big part of me can't help but to hold my breath.

Why you ask?

Because I can 100% guarantee that today one of the three following things is going to come out of that angelic little mouth.
  1. Frickin' A. (The award for that one goes to Mom.)
  2. I've got a dump in my pants. (Dad can take the credit for that little gem.)
  3. or, I've got a penis, do you have a penis, can I see it? (Honestly, I have NO idea where that came from.)
Welcome to the mis-education of my little man.

For some reason I'm pretty sure that neither of these things are on the curriculum list.... but on the upside I don't think they can kick us out for it.

Can they?