You Act Like That Is a Hard Thing To Do?

I love my husband, I really do. He is kind, smart, funny, loyal, compassionate, really the list goes on and on. Of all these things that he is, being quote "fashionable" is something that is he not. As in not at all. Even though in the beginning of our relationship I pushed him to try to step it up a bit, I have now come to prefer it that way. To be honest I can't imagine what it would be like to be with a man who takes longer that I do to get ready (which is about 20 minutes max) and the last thing that I want is to have to share any sort of clothing budget with someone who isn't 1) my size, and 2) me. 

My husband, like most men, hates to shop. He hates to try on clothes, he hates picking out clothes, he hates paying for clothes, and if I'm being honest here he is not a huge fan of wearing clothes in general. This has led him with a wardrobe that consists of nice work clothes (those he actually sees the importance in), 2 suits, 1 pair of jeans, 3 nice sweaters, 2 "going out" button up shirts, 3 or 4 summer shirts, and about 200 T shirts. Yes, I just cataloged his entire wardrobe. As I said this suits him fine, and I can sleep well knowing that wherever we are, he will never be the best dressed in this couple (he will, however,  always be the smarter one, so I'm pretty sure he is okay with our little arrangement.) 

When shopping for my Little Man I try to take the same approach as I would when shopping for my hubby. I try to stick to the basics, not get too many options, and basically build a wardrobe that is totally interchangeable so I can rest assured that no matter who is dressing him (ahem I am talking to you Husband) he always looks put together (as much as any 3 year old should.) I only shop for him twice a year and it is usually from the same store. Summer clothes come from Boden and Winter from J.Crew. While he definitely dresses like a little boy, I try to buy a majority of pieces that could definitely be considered "gender neutral" so we could hand down some of these pieces if we were to have a little girl down the road. Basically, this just means my little man wears a lot of navy. 

When I went to do my annual shopping for my Little Man this year, I have to say, I was exceptionally excited when I saw the new collection over at Crew Cuts. Adorable doesn't even begin to describe it. There were skinny corduroy pants and jeans, too cool for school nautical shirts and sweaters, and some awesome suede shoes that I can only wish came in my size. I had a hard time editing down to a few looks, but when the box came I was more than happy with my purchases. 

Here is what my little man will be wearing while terrorizing entertaining his teachers and friends in school this year. 

When I showed the new clothes to my husband, his only comment was, "what.... now my 3 year old is going to be dressed better than I am?"

My response, "you act like that is a hard thing to do?"

I have a feeling that this Fall when I am out with my Little Man, I am definitely not going to be the most fashionable one in this couple anymore. Well, at least I finally get to be the smartest.*

*For now.