Three Going On Thirteen.

Scene: Today at the Children's Museum.

Me: (sniff sniff) What's that smell?
LM: Nothing. I didn't poo poo.

Me: Are you sure about that? (obviously he had just dropped a steamer in his diaper.)
LM: Yes, I no poo poo... just don't check my diaper.

Me: Hmmmmm I think you might have gone, we need to go downstairs and change you.
LM: Mom.... just CHILL OUT, I'm playing here, OKAY.

Me: Really? Because I think you need a diaper change. (don't laugh... try not to laugh, was all that was running through my head.)
LM: This is so annoying.... followed by (wait for it......) an EYE ROLL!

Chill out? Okay? Eye Roll?

So basically my almost three year old little boy went to bed and, what, woke up as a teenage girl????

I've seen the movie Big one too many times..... this never ends well.