I'd Rather Have The Shot.

You know how little kids live in fear of the doctor's office because they think that every time they enter the doors, someone will be waiting on the other side to give them a shot? Well, that's how I feel about the Apple store. Seriously. Even though Apple pretty much owns my soul, and I bow at the alter of Steve Jobs, I live in constant fear that every time I enter those beautiful glass doors someone will be waiting on the other side to steal my computer. Why do I have this fear? Because it ALWAYS happens, and you've guessed it, Saturday it happened again. For the past few months my computer was running a bit slow and I took it in for a little "check up" only to find that my second hard drive was about to crap out on me (thank God for Apple care.)  Luckily, this time I had things backed up prior to the crash, but that didn't soften the blow when that cute little nerd told me that he would be taking my baby away for 7 (yes, SEVEN) days.

Right now I am on day three, and while the shakes are subsiding I still am missing my second born desperately. It just so happens that I have some serious projects to tend to thanks to the fabulous advice of our designer guests. While I may be offline for a few days, I promise to be back soon with a newly painted and styled home to share with you.

As I will tell my little man next time we visit the Dr., take the shot as long as you can keep the computer! Right now I'd much rather have the shot!

I'll try to steal my hubby's computer as much as I can over the next few days, but please bear with me over the next week. I promise that soon we will be back to business as usual!

Oh, Apple... you hurt me so.