Drink Your Vegetables.

I have to say up front that I am not a hug fan of hiding vegetables in other more appealing foods when you are cooking for kids. That being said because I don't hide the veggies, my little man pretty much doesn't eat them. Any of them. I feel like it is a constant struggle to get him to eat anything green (unless of course it is green apple candy or guacamole) and short of giving him a supplement (which I do from time to time) I have been at a loss of how to get these vital nutrients into his little carb filled body. 

Well, I was at a loss. 

A few months ago a friend of mine let me borrow steal her juicer, and ever since I have been serving my little man his veggies in liquid form. Any of you who juice know that there is a serious amount of produce that goes into every little cup, and although some of the vitamins are left behind, I still have to think this is a good way of getting him to eat drink his 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. The added bonus is that he loves to make the juice with me (thanks to his favorite Curious George episode, where George does the same) so at least he is becoming familiar with the different vegetables that he not so nicely would stick his nose up at if they were served along with his spaghetti at night. 

I am sort of a chicken when it comes to mixing and matching fruits and veggies (don't even ask me about the time I combined cabbage and grapefruit) so I try to stick with sweet fruits combined with sweet vegetables. Our favorites are:

2 Apples
1 beet 
3 Carrots

and (pictured)

1 bag baby spinach
2 apples
8 strawberries 

Ahhhhh no more yelling, "Eat Your Veggies," instead it's bottoms up!