Things I Learned From My Summer Vacation.

Right now we are quickly packing up, and in a few hours we will begin our two day trek back to  the States. I figured that this was the perfect time to reflect on a few things that I have learned from my Summer vacation.*  
  1. Traveling with kids under the age of 2.9 is pretty much hell. Traveling with kids over the age of 2.9 is actually really fun. This is the little man's 14th trip, and 5th out of the country. This little fact will absolutely be remembered when we have baby number two. I.e.We aren't going anywhere for the first 2+ years.
  2. Speaking of baby number two, I am no longer in any kind of hurry to get that ball rolling. Sure, we will still move forward with our plans in the Fall, but having only one almost three year old is a lot of fun (and to be honest is pretty damn easy.) I plan on savoring every minute of it this Summer (and traveling as much as humanly possibly considering #1.)
  3. 13 days is about the longest that I can spend 1 on 1 with my family before they drive me bat shit crazy. We are now on day 16, you do the math.
  4. I will never again (NEVER) fly anywhere that is not a direct flight. The 9 hour layover in Miami on the way down nearly killed us all. From now on, it's one flight or no flight. (It is important to note that I also never again will fly American Airlines.)  
  5. Running in the sand without shoes is freaking hard. My calves have never been this sore. I must find a way to copy this feeling when I get back.
  6. My kid is nowhere near ready to be potty trained. That or I am nowhere near ready to clean up a thousand puddles of pee. We gave it the old college try when we got down here. Accidents 15, successes 0. We'll try that one again never at the end of the Summer. 
  7. Both the Little Man and I really, really, really miss our friends. Even though we are having a blast we keep talking about them at least 5 times a day. He misses his buds... and I miss their Momma's. I can't wait until a play date is again one phone call away! I also miss my daily phone calls with my sisters (yeah I'm talking about you auntie em and holly.)
  8. My little man is a fish. He's also a pretty good swimmer. This kid has spent at least 4 hours a day in the water. We do go swimming at home (almost every day) but I think we need to step it up a notch. I may have to bite the bullet and get a private instructor when we get back, for at least the rest of Summer. I think he could be pretty good on his own with some real lessons. This would lead to a lot less "almost" heart attacks on my end.
  9. I don't know how I missed this one, but the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series is absolutely unbelievable... like really good. Okay, I'm even going to say like Twilight good. I am about to start book number 3 and am already feeling sad that there aren't going to be any more to read. 
  10. Kids like to dig holes. Lots of holes. Lots, and lots and lots of holes. If this Stay at home Mom thing doesn't pan out I will go back to work; as a professional hole digger. 

I wish all of my American readers a wonderful long holiday weekend, and the rest of you the same. Happy Fourth!

*I recognize that this is a totally random list, I think the sun may have gotten to me a bit