Sometimes You Just Have To Get Away.

This week the Little Man and I have had what I refer to as a "tough week."A week filled with lots of planned activities, play dates, and more than one or two meltdowns (his not mine.) I blame myself for this, and I think that when we got back from our time away in Costa Rica we both missed being around people so much, that since our return I have had us running around trying to make up for lost time. Last night I looked at my little guy after one of "those days" and I decided that maybe all we needed was a little alone time. I convinced my husband to give my Sis the day off from work (the slave driver he is, this wasn't easy) and the three of us took off early this morning and headed to Crane Beach in Ipswitch. If you don't know it already, this is by far one of the best beaches to go to if you have kids. Traffic can be a bit of a headache, but they have parking, a protected beach, food, clean restrooms, and really, really, really good ice cream. I hadn't been yet this year, and after 10 minutes with my feet in the sand I realized that sometimes you just have to get away, even if it is only for a few hours.

Here is my Little Man taking some time for himself.

In keeping with this idea, tonight the Husband and I are doing something we haven't done in quite a while. We too are actually getting away, together, and alone. Usually it is me going out with the girls, or my sister, or him with people from work, and when I think back to the last few times we have made it "out on the town" it has involved another couple. Well, not tonight. Tonight we are going to get dinner, see a movie, and we just might stop for a beer after (crazy I know.)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and I hope you all get sat least a little time away.

 Sometimes it just has to be done.