Maybe My Ass Won't Look As Good, But With Shoes Like These Who's Going To Be Looking At My Butt.

So I've been going around and around regarding whether or not I should get those Reebok shoes that are supposed to give you the ass of a supermodel, and after reading this article I decided to forgo them for a "real" running shoe. Let's be honest, I am not the most coordinated of all people, and me running around on an unstable ball with either a toddler or baby (or both) in my arms is probably not the best idea. You all remember that picture when Brittany Spears almost dropped one of the kids in front of the paparazzi... yep, that would absolutely be me (if of course I was famous enough to have said paparazzi following me around.) Anyhow, I was still at a loss on what kind of shoe to get so I have been using the old ones, all the while crossing my fingers in hopes that the super glue that I used to piece them back together would hold. Well, it did, but the lack of support was killing my feet and during a run today I was in a enough pain that I finally broke down and went to Marathon Sports in search of a new shoe. Funny enough I left the store with the EXACT same shoe (which came highly recommended for me by the very knowledgeable staff.) Okay, not the exact same shoe, but the exact same model of shoe which just happened to be 8 years newer. I have to say, I was actually a bit surprised at how athletic shoes have changed in the past decade. Everything seemed to be neon and shiny, and when I asked for my shoe in a less "flashy" version, I was told there was no such thing. Okay, fine, if they want me to walk around like the long lost member of the Jackson 5 than so be it. Here are my new Mizunos which hereinafter will be referred to as the "J Lo" of running shoes.


Speaking of shoes (I know, I know, not the best segway)... but I just have to show off the amazing new pair of booties that I picked up this weekend. I have to start off by saying that yes, I LOVE the shoes, but what has really has me so excited about these babies is the AMAZING deal that I got on them (you know there is nothing more that I love than a good bargain on luxury goods.) I have been in the market for a great pair of booties for quite a while and even though at first I hated this style, over the past few years I have grown to really like this trend. A few months ago I saw this pair of these Loeffler Randal booties that I could only refer to as fierce, in my very favorite store Dress. With a 650$ price tag I realized that no matter how perfect they were, alas they were not meant to be. I said the same thing when they went on sale for 475$ and then again when they got marked down to 375$. It almost broke my heart to walk away at 275$ but when they hit the 200$ mark... well, you know I'm not crazy, and I scooped the last pair of these babies up. They are perfect for Fall and Spring, and can easily be worn with floral dresses or skinny jeans. They are made up of a delicious buttery suede and the silver spikes around the ankle are truly to die for. Yes, all the style for less than 1/4 of the price.

So, in the end maybe my ass won't look as good, but with shoes like these who's going to be looking at my butt? 

Ahhhhh, you've got to love a good deal!