EAT here.

# 801 of the reasons why I love to write this blog so much, is the great feedback that I get from all of you lovely readers. Take a few months ago, when I wrote about my devastation (okay, that's a little over dramatic), err my disappointment, at having to leave behind those awesome EAT letters at the Brimfield Fair because I couldn't figure out a way to get them to "fit" in our home. Well, that same day, an awesome reader commented that perhaps I should consider getting letters that could go OVER the cabinets. I 1) never would have thought of that, and 2) ordered new set of letters that same day. After waiting for months, my letters arrived last week and I was thrilled to find that they fit perfectly (just like the dear reader said) right over the cabinets. Rather than the white I originally saw,  I went with black, and these letters have the added bonus of being covered with paint that can be written on with chalk (and you know I'm a sucker for anything chalkboard related.) They were half the price of the Brimfield set and they stand on their own which means there is no need for  nails in the wall (something that drives my husband nuts.)

Now there is no doubt of where to EAT in this house (as if there was any before.)

I think they are great, and add the perfect amount of kitsch to what was a pretty sterile looking kitchen.

So again, thank you all for reading and for your wonderful comments, you can see that I truly take them to heart (and home.)